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​​​​​Eastatoee Community Farm

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​​​​Our farm is located in the Eastatoee Valley within the Jocassee Gorges in Pickens County, South Carolina.  On average we receive over eighty inches of rain annually.  Farming in the Southeast's only temperate rainforest has it's advantages and disadvantages, but we are lucky and very glad to call the valley our home.



Our goal is to steward our land in the most ecologically responsible way possible.  We use no chemicals in our farming practices, and limit our use of fossil fuels. We conserve 40 of our 54 acres as habitat for the incredible bio-diversity of Western South Carolina.  We rotationally graze Red Devon cattle on our 12 acres of pasture and on leased pasture in the valley trying to mimic the actions of the elk, bison, and other ruminants that provided balance to this land for millennia.  Through composting and management intensive grazing we aim to restore humus in our soil, promote carbon sequestration, eliminate nutrient leaching, and create a sustainable source of healthy food for our community for generations to come.